Vitalie Scurtu

RoboSecretary project

RoboSecretary is an application that can remind you about events and assist you in organizing events by phone calls. The application has the role of a secretary, which will take care that users do not forget about important meetings,conferences, birthdays, phone calls and others things to do. The application has a top user, also called The Boss, groups of users separated in three two main categories: non-officials (employees, friends,family), officials (important persons, superiors) and unknown users.

Download RoboSecretary presentation

The recorded conversation of RoboSecretary with its two users.In the first conversation RoboSecretary receives a call from Dr Yury.

In the secoond conversation RoboSecretary receives a call from Boss. Boss asks RoboSecretary to tell a joke and she actually will tell a joke.